Ahhhh, Haaaaa, Epiphany, Einstein, Mohammad!

What more can I say? Not much I add, life and its fruits are produced by labor, Toil and the sweat of your brow! I sit and I think, while basking in the glory of the Lord. Nothing is promised but the promise of life everlasting with the Lord for the righteous and faithful few.Continue reading “Ahhhh, Haaaaa, Epiphany, Einstein, Mohammad!”

Obama’s Farewell and the Current State of America

Delivered at the McCormick place Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois, 44th President of The United States of America, Barack Obama started his farewell address to the nation and city alike by first thanking the world for their words and show of support throughout his 2 terms of presidency. Transitioning and traveling down memory lane, heContinue reading “Obama’s Farewell and the Current State of America”

The Liberation of King James: A Ohio Legacy Solidified

June 19, 2016 was a remarkable day in sports and American  history. First, it marked the 151st Anniversary of Juneteenth, a celebration commemorating the announcement of the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery in America–liberating the African American class of people. Along that same vein, Akron, Ohio native Lebron James, most notably dubbed ‘King James’ liberatedContinue reading “The Liberation of King James: A Ohio Legacy Solidified”

It’s Best To Wear That Latex, When It Comes To Practicing Safe Sex: In Georgia At Least!

The Black & White: Numbers tend to have an unique effect on the imagery they can potentially draw. With numbers one can fill in the blanks of an obscure picture and many times walk away from a situation with a firmer understanding of reality versus perception. This weekend the Center for Disease Control (CDC) releasedContinue reading “It’s Best To Wear That Latex, When It Comes To Practicing Safe Sex: In Georgia At Least!”

The Legacy of Barack Obama And His Timely War on Mass Incarceration

The Black and White:  President Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America catches a lot of heat and backlash for his involvement and stance concerning issues related to race and relations in America. His fiercest opponents go to great lengths outlining how his lack of public discourse and action orientedContinue reading “The Legacy of Barack Obama And His Timely War on Mass Incarceration”

Rest on Mrs. Afeni Shakur-Davis, Your Job Is Well Done!

WOW!!! Just a few weeks ago the music world was shaken with the untimely passing of one of music’s greatest gifts known as Prince. This morning another music legend in her own right passed away, that being the mother of the late, great rap superstar Tupac Shakur. Although Afeni Shakur did not make music directly,Continue reading “Rest on Mrs. Afeni Shakur-Davis, Your Job Is Well Done!”

The Brilliant Mind Known As Beyonce And Her Recent Video Tribute To Black Love, Strength and Beauty

This past weekend Beyonce Carter, formally known as Beyonce Knowles, broke the airwaves and media streams alike as she dropped her magnificent visual album entitled Lemonade. In the days that have followed a ton of reviews, perspectives and insights have been offered. But most notably are the rustles in the wind which highlight Beyonce’s latestContinue reading “The Brilliant Mind Known As Beyonce And Her Recent Video Tribute To Black Love, Strength and Beauty”

The Benefit of Learning From Other’s

It is often said that the human brain cannot ration what it has not experienced. Take for instance, sayings like “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” or “it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.” Both, of which, elude to the notion that the human brain hasContinue reading “The Benefit of Learning From Other’s”

6,660 Federal Inmates Released From Prison

Today marks an interesting day in the American justice system to say the least! No, we are not celebrating the birth of a formalized justice system in America, but something all the more interesting took places today. Perhaps you may have been driving in the car and listening to the radio or maybe, just maybe youContinue reading “6,660 Federal Inmates Released From Prison”