Ahhhh, Haaaaa, Epiphany, Einstein, Mohammad!

What more can I say?
Not much I add, life and its fruits are produced by labor,
Toil and the sweat of your brow!
I sit and I think, while basking in the glory of the Lord.
Nothing is promised but the promise of life everlasting with the Lord for the righteous and faithful few.
I ask, what more can I say?
I hesitate as I ponder, what more is there to say?
Ahhhh haaaaaa, epiphany, Einstein, Mohammad!
At last I come to clarity, sometimes it’s nothing more to say, yet show
How far will I go if I let life throw me to and fro
Ahhhh haaaaaa, ephipahny, Einstein, Mohammad!
I realize that life is a battle
Good and evil, two wolves, both dying of starvation
Which one you feeds determines your elevation
Or devaluation. Steady pacing,
Thoughts on top of thoughts, cloudiness
Which way should I go, which words should I say?
Mouth dry, tongue limp, I gulp unsure how to respond.
Ahhhh haaaaaa, ephiphany, Einstein, Mohammad!
Don’t say much, Enjoy the rush
Let people see who you are through
The lens they create, the brush they embrace
Perception isn’t reality, it’s just their mentality
I rest, pen down brain at ease
Step outside and enjoy the sweet summer breeze!