Why The Black Lives Matter Campaign Matters So Much

Unfortunately, all too often tragedy and misfortune have to knock on our door before we are enticed to open and see what trouble lies behind. This same holds true regarding the Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign. Since the waking years of its inception, BLM has found itself defending it’s founding principals and philosophies opposed to defending the people it sought to provide solace and a  peaceful blueprint for organization.

The Black Lives Matter campaign was spearheaded by California State/Los Angelos professor Mellina Abdullah after the untimely death of Trayvon Martin in February 2012. This movement, founded nearly three full calendar years ago was sent into full fruition on the heels of the death of Martin and the national criminal case which took place thereafter, but the movement found its importance and need in history over the past several years that have followed.


Many may ask, why was this movement needed? Many may ask, who does this movement serve? And others will ask, plain and simple: Do black lives matter or do all lives matter?

Yes, all lives matter, White, Asian, Hispanic, mixed and unclassified. Young life matters, old life matters! Your life matters, just as my life matters. Police officer’s life matters, just as city and public officials life matters. We’re not here to debate what’s already understood, yet we’re hear to discuss what appeared to become forgotten: Black Lives Matter, too. And in saying “Black Lives Matter” it’s not our intent to say that any other race of people are therefore unworthy of life. Instead, this had to be explicitly addressed for many reasons, namely because

1) beginning with the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 African Americans all across America began loosing their lives in high rates

2) these crimes, which explicitly and intentionally omit black on black crimes, are concerned with police officer/citizen encounters that end with death and/or shooting of African Americans.

BLM is not a campaign to discredit or turn a blind eye to the problem with black on black crime, but in sticking to founding principals, it was not created to address that side of the story. BLM is not a ‘anti-cop’ movement to illicit violence against those that serve and protect, but instead it is a drawing board for peaceful dialogue as we work alongside one another to serve and protect all of our interests.

In embracing the peaceful fruits of BLM, we all prove that “All Life Matters” as we better understand one another and fight for universal equality that fails to omit any race–inevitably serving us all!

Published by Vance V. GodBold

Hello World!!! I am passionate about many things, but writing and reading about topics that interests me happen to be near the top of that list. Through open dialogue, I hope to share some of my thoughts and viewpoints on sports, entertainment, politics and just the randomness of our bizarre world. If you're compelled to join the conversation after reading my blogs, feel free to comment-- all viewpoints are welcomed, even those in stark contrast!

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